This owner wanted a stratocaster that was made 100% to his specifications - a superstrat.  After
    multiple discussions, he decided to start with his black Fender Squier strat, which had a good
    neck and body, and replace the rest.  The color scheme was to be nothing but black and gold - no
    pickguard laminations even.  The single humbucker pickup would be replaced with four lace
    sensors, the hardtail bridge was to be replaced with a Gotoh fulcrum tremolo, and staploks
    installed.  The Squier headstock would be painted black.  Wiring was left up to me.

After the headstock
was  painted, the body
was routed and shielded.

Now it was time to assemble
all the parts into a superstrat.

The picture at right shows all
the parts.
This picture and the one above
show cavities painted with
shielding conductive paint.
Step one - paint and polish
the headstock, and install
new gold tuners.
Step 2: route the body to allow
for three pickups and new wiring.
Step 3: route out the body from
both sides for the tremolo.
And here is the happy owner with the finished product.  The back cover has a removable access panel - the
switching includes three 3-position pickups switches (bridge:humbucker/off/single coil, middle: in-phase/ off/ out
of phase, neck:in-phase/ off/ out of phase), a tone switch equivalent to tone control at about 6, at 10, and at 0, and
a single volume control.  The unusual tone switch turns out to have two very usable settings.  Color-wise, the only
parts that aren't  either gold or black are the logos on the pickups, and the neck.