Wire and modify and set up

    This guitar was put together from two Fender stratocasters by a very talented
    recording engineer at a studio that sometimes gives me their guitars to work on.  
    The owner is a very talented guitarist who hadn't had time to finish the project.  

    See below for the work that went into making this a very cool doubleneck guitar!

    Disassemble and diagram current wiring
    Expand routing to accomodate pickups and switches
    Paint all old and new routed areas with conductive shielding paint & connect to ground
    Shield control cavity with copper shielding foil
    Rebuild one Gibson switch to act as [ 6-on / both off / 12-on ]
    Install and wire two matching gibson pickup selector switches
    Install shock-reducing capacitor between strings and ground

    Bevel and polish neck selector switch plate
    Superglue cracks in pickguard
    Reshape pickguard  to match both bridges
    Countersink 12 screw holes in pickguard to match screws
    Install pickguard/electronics with 12 new screws
    Add black backplate & 6 new screws

    Clean and oil fingerboards
    Install .010 string sets on both necks
    Remove 3 springs from tremolo, and balance for good tremolo operation
    Add matching black tremolo arm
    Adjust pickup heights
    Adjust bridge height for good action
    Adjust intonation on Peterson tuner
    Test; clean, polish/light wax