This guitar was one of the early MPC's before Electra started making them more
    cheaply.  This one has a jacaranda top over a mahogany body, gold hardware,
    abalone inlay.  It has built-in effects modules and a 5-way tone selector switch.  
    The project was to add a Seymour Duncan neck pickup, and a switch  for single-
    coil tapping.

    The two large switches control the onboard effects.  The small switch was added
    to select single or double coil use of the new Seymour Duncan humbucker in the
    neck position.  Single coil use sounds Strat-like.Gold Straploks were added, plus
    shielding of   the control cavity to help overcome any hum from the single-coil mode.  Not
    shown was the subsequent addition of a gold Bigsby tremolo.
Added Seymour Duncan Pickup w/ coil tapping