Wire and modify and set up

    This very nice Telecaster was enhanced by the addition of a Fernandes Sustainer and
    Bigsby B5 tremolo.

    The original pickguard and bridge plate are the starting point for new ones. On the right
    paper templates for positioning and for sending to the pickguard manufacturer are made

    In order to cover original routing and various holes, a large pickup ring was made out of the
    original bridge plate, and a small plastic piece was fabricated from pickguard material to
    cover holes between the Bigsby B5 and the new pickup ring.   

    On the left, all the parts have arrived and two custom routing templates have been made. On
    the right, ciruit card, installed in custom pickguard, next to its cavity after copper and
    carbon shielding is applied.  Right:  

    Left: positioning of the Bigsby and the bridge must be precise.  Right:  original back with
    damage to be covered.  

    Left:  battery box covers the worst parts.  Right and below: the finished project