Despite the excellent care taken of this gorgeous semihollowbody Ibanez, it had sustained a deep
    fingernail sized gouge deep into the wood of the neck, a half inch finish dent in the front, and
    numerous small dings on the headstock.  

    The owner wanted to make the damage disappear as much as possible.  He also wanted to add
    circuitry to maintain treble while turning down the volume, and also allow one pickup to still stay
    active when the other's volume was all the way off and the pickup selector switch was in the
    middle position.    Gold straploks were also requested.

First the strings were removed, and corrosion was
cleaned off the gold hardware.  One hopeless
screw was replaced.  Straploks were installed.  
Custom bypass and shock-resistant capacitors
were added and volume wiring changed for
single-pickup use when switched for both.  Then
the damaged areas of the front and neck were
cleaned and filled.  The neck filler was stained,
then both areas were laquered multiple times,
sanded flush and polished. The headstock dings
were filled.  Strings were installed, the guitar was
set up and tested.    All pictures taken after the
work was finished.