This world-class bassist bought this inexpensive 6-string bass because of its
    gorgeous finish and what turned out to be excellent neck.  Only problem was we
    discovered the company had used 5-string pickups!  The low-B string almost didn't
    play.  He also wanted a new gold bridge.

    After tearing the bass apart down to the pickup level,and discovering the 5-string
    pickups, research was done which led to to Nordstrand - a small high-end pickup
    maker.  Nordstrand was super responsive in building us six-string pickups to fit
    the plastic housings that came with the bass.  After an extensive setup, his bass
    played great - got rave reviews on his next overseas tour. When he returned from
    overseas, the customer brought his bass in for me to install a new gold bridge
    (requires precision placement and installation).