Clean Up, Rewire, Add Pickup

    Step one was to disassemble, unwire, and clean the guitar inside and out.  The pickguard
    was unshielded (invites hum), so best-quality copper shielding was applied.  

    The pickup supplied for the middle position was a double-coil blade pickup designed to fit in
    a stratocaster single-coil slot.

    All three pickups were capable of coil-tapping, so the old controls were replaced with new
    push-pull types for coil tapping the neck and bridge pickups.  The customer wanted a mini-
    switch installed between them to allow the new middle pickup to be coil-tapped as well.  

    The 3-position switch was replaced with a new 5-position switch which performed the same
    as a Strat.  

    Finally, an anti-grounding-shock capacitor was placed between the ground and the

    Wires were bundled, the guitar set up and tested before a final buffing.
This guitar is an example
of some pretty fine
cleanup and electronics
work.  The guitar came
with two humbuckers and
an empty middle slot in
the pickguard.  It had a
3-position pickup switch.  
It was very dirty inside
and out and had shoddy
wiring (the tone control
wasn't even connected)
and incomplete shielding.