Custom Configuration on Custom Pickguard

    This guitar came as a lefty, strung to be played right-handed.  The owner wanted me to
    design a new pickguard that would allow for a chicken-head rotary switch to control the
    bridge and neck pickups, and nothing but a volume control for the new lipstick humbucker
    he supplied (from Guitar Fetish).  Note the retro aluminum-and-black knobs.

    The wiring we cooked up for this guitar was a 6-position rotary switch:

    - 1. Neck
    - 2. Both, serial
    - 3. Both, serial, out of phase
    - 4. Both, parallel
    - 5. Bridge
    - 6.Off (to allow for nothing but the middle pickup

    To the requested volume-only for the middle pickup, we added a push-pull so the lipsticks
    can be "coil-tapped."  The other knob is a master volume.  

    After all the modifications the guitar was polished, the fingerboard cleaned and oiled, and
    the guitar was set up and tested.