Fender Jagmaster
Replace pickups, Enhance, Set Up
This Fender Squier Jagmaster is a
marriage of the Jazzmaster and
the Jaguar models.  

The customer wanted two new
pickups installed, switching
designed and wired, and a setup

After initial measurements, the
guitar came apart.  There was no
shielding in the control cavity, so
step 1 was to copper-shield this
hum-producing area.

During this process an anti-shock
capacitor was added to reduce the
chance of dangerous cross-
grounding shock.

Next a wiring diagram was developed to
allow 5-way switching and coil tapping:

1. Neck Pickup
2. Both Parallel
3. Both Parallel, out of phase
4. Both Series
5. Bridge Pickup

...where either humbucker can be made
single coil by pulling up either the volume or
tone controls.
At the customer's request, the jack was
replaced by a Switchcraft jack, and the
switches were wired and tested.

After reassembly, the guitar was strung
and thoroughly set up (nut and bridge
action, relief, pickup height, tremolo
adjustment screws all checked,
intonation adjusted)  and polished.