The original baby blue body was replaced with this gorgeous Warmouth body with
    a "Mary Kay" finish - semi transparent white with pinkish overtones. A new Warmouth
    tortoise shell pickguard and rear spring cover were used.

    To get an "acoustic" sound, A Fishman PowerBridge was installed alongwith their
    PowerChip preamplifier.  It puts out either a stereo signal that can route the piezo
    "acoustic" sound to a PA, and the normal pickups to the amp, or a mono signal
    which mixes both signals together for some unique tones.  The small chrome switch
    by the middle knob switches from piezo, to both, to magnetic pickups.  The middle
    tone control was changed to a "VOLUME" knob and controls the "acoustic" output.  
    The remaining tone control was rewired to work on all magnetic pickups.

    The interior was shielded and star-grounded to reduce hum from the Lace Sensors.
    The guitar came with Staploks, so all that was left to do was setup and polishing.
With Warmouth body and Fishman Powerbridge