This project combined the best of two guitars into one.  It started with a white Fender
    American Standard Tele and added parts from a Japanese Fender reissue model to
    get the best features of both. The original American Telecaster Neck was preferred
    over the thick round neck on the original "reissue" guitar.

    The body from the reissue was kept - it's a gorgeous semi-transparent white.
    The pickups on the American Tele were dramatically better than the reissue, so they
    were removed and installed in the new body. The Bigsby tremolo from the reissue
    was kept.

    As always, the finishing touch was adding chrome Straploks to the body and a wild
    lizard-skin strap (black and white). After assembly, it was tested, the action and
    intonation were set up, and it was cleaned and polished.
New body and Bigsby