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Vintage Kay archtop restored
from old customizing job;
pickup added
Completely custom Strat from
Squire body and neck plus
premium parts
Ibanez JSM 100 with repaired finish
damage and wiring enhancements
Six-String custom Johnson Bass
Change pickups and bridge - set up
Warmouth "Memphis"
With Gold Bigsby Bar, new pickup
and rewiring
Line 6 Variax - installed nut
on Warmouth neck
Vintage Electra Les Paul Copy -
added Seymour Duncan pickup with
coil tapping
Custom Edition Fender Telecaster
6-point setup to reduce buzzes and
play great
Custom Doubleneck Fender Strat
Finish wiring and assembling
Fender AmericanTelecaster with
new body and Bigsby tremolo
Fender American Strat Plus; Warmouth
body  and  Fishman Powerbridge
Ibanez Soundgear 5-string
made fretless