• I've known Morgan for 20 years, and he is one of the most musically knowledgeable people that I
    know.  I got a Baja Telecaster from a well-known dealer, who boasts that they professionally set
    up every guitar they sell.  I was very disappointed when I received this guitar, intonation was way
    off, strings were buzzing up and down the neck, relief was in need of adjustment.  After just an
    hour in Morgan's repair room, this guitar plays like a dream.  Thank you, Morgan!!!!  Jim S.

  • I was in town on tour for one day with a bass that died a horrible sonic death the night before (I
    had to finish the show on a keyboard).  The next day we contacted Morgan, and within a few hours
    he got the thing in better than new condition (I assume- it's a cheap old bass).  At first he
    encouraged me to consider a new instrument, but he listened while I described what I like about
    this one and he went about strengthening its weaknesses.  This pieced-together bass has since
    been on the Conan O'Brien show, all around the U.S. and Europe, and is headed to Australia this
    week.  A true craftsman and a gentleman.  If you love your instruments, trust them to Morgan."
    Jeremy Y.- bass and guitar with Andrew Bird

  • "Guitar seems really smooth, sounds good (projects like crazy) and just seems easy to play.  Set-
    up seems perfect.  Thanks again, I really have a unique "git", and it's due in substantial part to your
    set-up." - Kevin D.

  • "Morgan - I would like to say; “What a fantastic job” you have done to the guitars. They play
    wonderfully!!"  - Chrisopher S.

  • "So I spent some three hours with the guitar, and I am blown away by it. The quality of the work is
    fantastic! The Fernandes works wonderfully, and in combination with some delay/tape echo and
    chorus, it's beautiful. The Bigsby is also an amazing touch, and I'm really proud of the work on the
    bridge, it really came out beautifully! Thank you for the time and thought you put into this project, it
    has really paid off!"  - Alex C.

  • "[The Rickenbacker pickup, pickguard and battery modification] is awesome. I cannot thank you
    enough. There was a lot of personal design that you had to contend with and you pulled it off!! I will
    recommend you to others."  - Michael S.

  • "I've had Morgan repair my American Stratocaster twice now. The first was a tune up and minor
    tweak. The second job was a complete customization. Not only did Morgan perform the job
    flawlessly; he worked with me to propose other ideas I wasn't aware of, offer guidance on how it
    could work easier for me, as well as ensure that I was happy with the end result/design. Once
    completed, the guitar looked like something that came from the factory, and plays even better than
    that! We need more repairmen who have skills like Morgan, and the world needs more ethical,
    honest people like Morgan. You can't go wrong with this guy." - Dan A.

  • "Just wanted to let you know that the Les Paul is playing and sounding great! I love the new
    locking Grover tuners and the new Tusq nut. The tuning is very stable, and the guitar looks and
    sounds great. Probably the best mods I've ever done to that guitar, along with those TV Jones
    pickups!"  -  Peter B

  • "Morgan--Man, the Stingray sounds killer. I put it through the paces last night at practice. I was
    blown away. Thank you so much for getting my axe back in optimum shape." - Todd P.

  • "The strat is sick!  Just plane sick!  I can't put it down.  It is everything I hoped for and more. I now
    have exactly what I had imagined this guitar could be when I first bought it.  I've got all the
    humbucker goodness I was lacking in my other strats without having to buy a Les Paul - the
    horror, the horror!  I can get the tone I want and be true to my Fender fanaticism!  And best of all,
    with the middle pup on its own volume, I can roll off the neck & bridge, dial in the middle and still
    get some good ol' straty sounds!" - Andrew S.

  • "The guitars are both doing great.  The 4-way switch in the brown Telecaster is fantastic and the
    guitar is better than ever.  Whatever you did, I think it sounds better in all 4 positions.  I don't know
    why Fender doesn't put a 4-way on all their Teles.  The white Telecaster is doing fine and I really
    appreciated all the trouble you went to with that guitar.   Thanks for the great service.  It is really
    nice to know there is an honest and reliable technician so close to home." - John L.

  • "I am very pleased with the work you have done on all of my basses!!  Your prices are very
    reasonable, and you do the work in a timely fashion. I am amazed at how quickly you get the
    basses back being that every time I walk into your shop you have about 20 guitars and basses up
    against your wall!  You also don''t rush your work.  If the neck isnt looking true, then you call and
    say that you want to give it another day or so until the neck looks the way you want it to.  You also
    are extrememly patient.  i am specifically referring to the issue with my Schecter about 3 years ago
    when we didnt realize it was powered by not one, but two nine volt batteries!! ha!!  Keep up the
    good work.  I will never take my bass to guitar center ever again.  Thanks Morgan!"  - Taylor B.

  • "Just wanted to let you know that the Les Paul sounds and plays killer, and of course it already
    looked killer!  :-)  That is one sweet guitar!  Thanks for the great work, as always, you're the only
    one I trust with my precious axes."  - Peter B.

  • "Great service and very quick turnaround time! Highly recommend!"  - Erich S.

  • "Hi all, Morgan's work is top notch.  If you've never had your guitar set up by a pro, you don't know
    what you're missing." - Andrew S.

  • "Morgan,  I wanted to thank you for the work you did on my Les Pauls.  The action on both are
    outstanding.  You also brought my '72 Guild back to life and it's getting a lot of play time.  I've sent
    out emails to my musician friends to send them your way.  Thanks for the fast, reliable, and
    professional work." -Jeff H

  • "Thanks for the great work on the Dano, picked up a gig bag for it on the way home and plugged
    'er in when I got here, sounds fabulous...I am going to be reliving lots of memories on this thing."   
    - Frank F

  • "I've been singing your praises and forwarding your website to all my guitar-playing buddies since
    you finished the work on my Jagmaster... I'm as thrilled with it now as I was two months ago when
    I picked it up from you.  Your work was flawless and this guitar plays beautifully." - Andrew S

  • ."Just wanted to let you know that I jammed with the "Mosrite" last night and it sounded and played
    great." - Ted T

  • "Been playing this thing a little bit over the last few days, and I just wanted to let you know what a
    fantastic job you did.  The guitar looks great, and it plays better than it ever has (and like I always
    thought it should).  And I love the pickups.  Great sound and very little noise.  Perfect.  Thanks
    again." - Jake R.

  • "When I brought my Pacifica to Morgan, it was borderline unplayable. I got it back a few days later
    good as new, and it didn't cost me a lot." - Mike

  • "Morgan does a great guitar set-up – in my case a Stratocaster.  He is thorough and professional,
    and he makes sure the customer is happy with the instrument before it leaves the shop.  Perhaps
    more importantly, he is a player as well as a guitar tech, so he understands the intangibles that
    make a guitar set-up as much art as science.  I will definitely use his services again."   Bill K.

  • "Hi Morgan - Just wanted to let you know I've been playing my guitars since I got home and they
    both sound FANTASTIC! The Tele is a different guitar - I can hear all the nuances and it just sings!
    Thanks for giving my guitars new life."   - Phil F

  • "Everyone is very happy with the work you performed on the guitars. As for me, my guitar has not
    performed this well since I've had it. I really appreciate your talent."  Scott R - Wildcard Band

  • "Morgan, as usual, your guitar work came out exactly like it has in the past.  Impeccable attention
    to detail, and an overall feeling of  'I got my moneys worth'. Keep up the good work." - John C -
    Wildcard Band

  • "Just wanted to say "THANX " for all the great work and care you put into my guitar.  The tuning and
    intonation is unbelievable...It seems everyone in the band feels he same way - Stan P - Wildcard

  • "This guitar is simply amazing!  I feel like I'm hearing and playing  guitar for the first time.  The best
    compliment I can offer on your  work is that this Jagmaster makes me want to be a better player.  
    The wiring scheme you suggested is absolutely the best.  The choices  available with coil taps
    and both series and out of phase options  have really got me exploring the limits.   The fit and
    finish of the job is top notch.  The neck and frets look  great.  The action is great.  Everything is
    great.  Let's hope I  never have to find out first hand the benefit of the anti-shock  capacitor.  The
    shielding is doing its job, because I don't hear any  hum when I split the coils.  Good call on
    adding that.  I'll be sharing your name and website with all my guitar playing  friends.  I feel more
    compelled then ever to bring my other guitars  in now.  They all need a sprinkle of your guitar tech
    fairy dust.  Thanks again for a fantastic job.  It was worth every penny and then  some!  - Andrew S

  • "Nice work – thanks again.   I’m sure I will be back and please stay in touch. You are superb! -
    Robert B.                

  • "I wanted to drop you a line and send my praise for your fantastic repairs to my Black Fender
    American Strat. A couple months ago I had you install a graphite nut and give the guitar a general
    tune up. Not only did you tune it up, but you even fixed a couple big gashes in the body! It's played
    like a dream ever since. You went above and beyond the call of duty. THANK YOU for excellent
    work. I will be sure to tell my fellow guitarists about your incredible craftsmanship, hard work and
    honesty. "  - Dan A

  • "Having a great Guitar Tech is like Finding a great Doctor...When you find one,You look no further...
    I have found this in Morgan's work...I will go no place else,. . .Besides, my guitars would never
    forgive me!!  They are more Human than I am"  -Pat S

  • "I brought Morgan a task that had left others -- literally -- bloody. He took excellent care of my guitar
    and did what I wanted and more. It came back to me better than I had expected and probably
    better than I deserved. On top of it all, he was responsive and communicative. I will always trust
    Morgan with my guitars." - Brad R, The West End

  • "Morgan - thanks for the work on my guitar.  It sounds fantastic and the coil tap works as
    advertised.  The setup is wonderful, and the pickups are behaving perfectly." - Paul H, The
    Daybreak Line

  • "Morgan Henry makes sure that you walk out with an enhanced guitar that sounds better than it did
    before and most likely better than it ever has.  Even if you are only taking it in for a minor part or
    service, Morgan takes the extra step to address the overall performance and setup of your guitar.
    His thorough inspection, fast service and reasonable pricing make him the go-to guy for guitar
    repairs." - Jeff S.

  • Just wanted to say thanks again for your work on my old Harmony Rocket.  I appreciate the quick
    completion of the work and your taking the time to discuss stringing and tuning with a new player."
    - Jim R.

  • "I just want to say that you're the MAN.  This the best my Ernie Ball has ever played.  Needless to
    say I will be bringing all of my guitars to you for work and I will be going back to 11's.  Be looking
    for me in the next week or so with another one.  Thank you so much."  Thomas T.

  • "Morgan offers way more than an incredibly high-quality service;  he keeps the customer very
    much involved in the entire process and suggests solutions to problems you don't even realize
    exist until he points them out.  When I first dropped off my guitar, I wanted to address a few
    aesthetic issues and told him I wanted to spend a certain amount of $ on the repair.  Morgan went
    above and beyond the time he was supposed to spend on the repair and didn't charge me the
    difference even though the bill should have been over twice what it was.  His pride in his work is
    more than impressive and I would recommend him to anyone looking for an honest man who will
    not only spend the time telling you as much or as little as you want to know about the possibilities
    of the magic of his workshop, but also deliver a fantastic service in a quick, flexible manner."  -
    Robert S.

  • "I'd like to say thank you for taking the time out to set up my Warwick Streamer Stage I Five String.  
    When I brought it to you, the intonation was out of sync, the frets needed cleaning, strings needed
    changing, action needed to be altered and corrected.  I must say I was extremely satisfied with the
    results.  You are truly a man of many talents when it comes to repairing guitars and basses.  And
    the price for all of this...you can't be beat!  Thank you again for all the work you did.  I'll definitely be
    keeping your number when I need to have my guitars set up and/or repaired.  Amazing job!"  
    - Wes V.

  • "Morgan, thank you for the great work on my telecaster.  You did a terrific job with the action and
    intonation and I couldn’t be happier with my new pick-ups.  The stock pick-ups buzzed so much I
    usually went to another guitar to play.   I will look no further for my future guitar tech needs and will
    not hesitate to use you again.  Thanks"
    -Joseph H.

  • "Morgan--    Thanks for doing that emergency setup on my Tele a couple of weeks ago. I was
    impressed by your friendly manner, your efficiency, and your willingness to answer all my
    questions. And the guitar played great at my gig that weekend! Best wishes."  
    -Ira Gitlin, Alexandria, VA

  • "I always knew my Gibson 335 semi-hollowbody was a good guitar but it needed some repairs to
    keep it from falling out of tune and make it more versatile with capo play.  Morgan worked on the
    guitar and when I got it back it was like a different instrument.  I went from playing it only when I
    had to, to playing it in every song possible."  - Justin F.

  • "After 40 years of collecting instruments and playing bass I needed a good local tech to work on
    some of my high-end basses. Morgan was referred to me by David King Basses out of Portland,
    Oregon to do some fret work on a recently acquired King bass. The work was a little tricky with no
    room for error. He did an excellent job and has and will be working on the rest of my collection. He
    is a true Renaissance man and good value as well. Thanks Morgan!”  - Terry A.

  • "I wasn't expecting much improvement in my strat's playability when I brought it to you, but you
    blew me away.  My strat feels like a new guitar.  You discovered and fixed something that a
    number of others had missed on previous setups.  I attribute it to your meticulous measurements
    and commitment to excellence.  It's playing better than it ever has.  Gosh, to think I put up with a
    badly setup guitar for the past 6 years!  Thanks so much.   I am loving how well it's playing"
    - Hamid S.

  • "We used Morgan to set up our guitars before we did our first studio recording and it was a great
    move. Morgan really went the extra mile and the guitars sounded better than I had thought
    possible.  I still call him to this day when I have a technical question on my equipment and would
    recommend him to anybody needing work done on their instrument."  
    - Eric Bayles - lead guitar/Tieweb