• "It'll probably be until the weekend before i get to play these guitars as much as i want to, but i can
    already tell you that the money spent on the set up for my acrylic is possibly the best $60 I've ever
    spent.  i've had that guitar for years now, and pretty much never played it 'cause it was so terrible.  
    It just sat in the corner for looks, and I hated that that's all it was good for.  It's awesome beyond
    words that it's now actually a viable option when i want to play.  And again, super excited to get a
    few hours on that tom delonge strat this weekend as well.  I gotta tell you THE reason i bought that
    explorer was playability.  and sure it's a great guitar, but having my eyes opened to how important
    proper action is, and that i can get that kind of low smooth action on a guitar a quarter of that price,
    i'll almost certainly be selling it off.  it is incredible how much a proper set up matters.  and
    honestly it's hard to get over the fact that my acrylic guitar is giving me the same feeling as the first
    time i played my explorer in the store.  i never dreamed that guitar would play that well.  no
    chance.  it's so nice.  Anyway, if i EVER need anything guitar related, any future guitars i own,
    they're getting set up by you.  and i will be referring my friends and everyone i know that plays
    guitar in this area as strongly as i can about the importance of a professional set up, and how
    knowledgeable, informative, and talented you are in that area.  thanks again.  (NEXT DAY:)  Hey
    Morgan. The difference on the acrylic is incredible. I went back and forth with songs with my acrylic
    and my explorer last night for almost 2 hours and the more playable more comfortable of the 2 is
    very clearly the acrylic. Again, it is the coolest thing ever that a guitar I made myself from scratch is
    now my best playing guitar." - tom w.

  • "I recently found a vintage Silvertone guitar online-- the very same model I owned and played in
    garage bands in my teens. They're quite rare; this instrument is 42 years old! I wanted to be sure it
    was in absolutely optimum shape. The vibe I got from Morgan as I described my concerns to him
    made me feel instantly comfortable. 30 years of musicianship and technical acumen from a player
    and craftsman who'll treat your instrument like one of his own? That's what I want, exactly! Morgan
    gave it a thorough once-over, set it up, cleaned and re-strung it, made a couple of nearly invisible
    modifications (adding a set of Strap-Loks, too) and I had the guitar of my youth once more!  I am
    completely delighted with his work, his range of knowledge, and his obvious enthusiasm for what
    he does, and I recommend him to you unreservedly. He's getting all *my* future business!"  --Jef H

  • "I love my GMPElite guitar  mostly because of the action. The sound is great, but it is a typical dual
    humbucker sound - nice and fat, sweet. I've been lusting after a Strat or Tele for a change of pace -
    the single coil pick up sound. Morgan suggested coil splitting the humbuckers and using push-
    pull pots to control both pickups in either humbucker or single coil mode. Bottom line was
    selectable single coil sound without changing the appearance, no major surgery, and modest
    cost. I am happy. The guitar was done on time and works great!"  - D. Miller

  • "Thanks for the excellent work on my basses!  They're both DREAMY now, the upright actually
    plays better now than when I bought it!!  You got them done quickly and at a great price...I will
    highly recommend your services!!"
    - Ivan P., illuminati

  • "Morgan, your handy work with the nut on my Warmoth neck is absolutely professional.  My Line 6
    Variax never sounded better.  Thanks for the quick turn!  It's working out great!"

  • "My band is playing almost every weekend lately, and I mostly use my trusty white Strat with the
    Barden pickups on stage, this is the guitar that you set up for me. Still plays and sounds like a
    dream!  - Peter B, Badlands

  • I love the job you did on both guitars. I was really surprised at how a big a difference the tone caps
    made. Every note just pops soo much more now and the setup is very versatile and suits my
    playing style well. The resonator is much more playable now and sounds sweet. Thanks again. -