Emily Henry - singer/songwriter/recording artist
(yes she's my daughter :) ) has been playing guitar since the
ninth grade and singing since she was old enough to talk. She
wrote her first song at thirteen years old, and she is now in the
process of recording her first album.

Emily was a finalist in the pop category of the 22nd Annual
Mid-Atlantic Song Contest for her song "Las Vegas." She has
also received an honorable mention for her song "Birds Without
Wings" in the acoustic/folk category of the 10th Annual UniSong
International Songwriting Contest.

With her persuasive melodies, intelligent lyrics, and pure,
confident voice that has been compared to those of Aimee Mann
and Alison Krauss, Emily is well on her way to making a career
out of something she describes as "like home to me.
Her site is at
She is emilyjhenry on MySpace music
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TIM GURSHIN  has been working at writing songs since he can
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years he has performed solo in New England, and more recently
in Nashville at clubs such as The Bluebird Cafe and Gibson's.
His music has been used in a documentary, an instructional art
video and has won contests. "Slippin' Off To Somewhere" and
"Mama Can You Tell Me" were featured on Chris Conn's
nationally syndicated radio show.
His sound blends folk, rock, country and a bit of blues, a/k/a
Americana these days. Give it a listen at
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CD's, the most recent of which is 2007's "Walkin' Strong."
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